Sharing a folder via AFP

Syneto Storage can share folders via AFP (Apple Filing Protocol). This type of share allows Mac users to do Time Machine backups (if the option is enabled).

To use AFP sharing go to Data Management > Folders / Virtual Disks, select the folder from the tree and then navigate to the AFP share tab.

When creating a share, there are several options:

  • Ensure files can be modified by 
    • users from the same group — everyone in the same group as a file/folder owner can modify the file/folder
    • everyone — everyone can modify the files in the share
  • Enable search with Spotlight: by enabling this option, all files in the folder will be indexed and made available for Spotlight searches in Mac OS. This option could be write intensive for large data sets, so it is disabled on certain lower-endurance drives.
  • Allow Time Machine backup on this share: this option allows the folder to serve as a Time Machine backup destination.


To view and manage all the folders shared via AFP go to Sharing > Shares > AFP. From there you can also enable/disable the AFP sharing globally.