Sharing a folder via SMB

Windows Networking Sharing / SMB is a protocol that lets programs make requests for files and services on remote computers over the Internet.

To share a folder via SMB select it and go to the ‘SMB share’ tab.


The shared folder will automatically receive a name for the share. You can change the default name by inserting a new name before pressing Share.

SMB Sharing in Windows Workgroups

When the storage is part of a Windows Workgroup, you will have to join the correct workgroup from the Networking menu. Make sure that all clients that need to access the storage have joined the same workgroup.


When a windows client will connect to the storage they will be asked for a username and a password. Since there is no centralized user management in Windows Workgroups, you will have to manually add users to the Storage on the Accounts menu.


SMB Sharing and User Mapping in an Active Directory Domain

Please refer to the SMB in Active Directory document on how to configure SMB Sharing and set User Mapping when using AD.