Setting up Fibre channel ports

To manage the Fibre channel ports open Sharing > Fibre channel in the menu.

The Fibre channel ports may be configured in one of two modes:

  • Initiator — the storage array will access volumes from other storage arrays
  • Target — the storage array will make its virtual disks available as LUN volumes to other devices

A given Fibre channel port can be used as an initiator or as a target, but not as both.

Sharing virtual disks using Fibre channel

If you need to share a virtual disk to one or more initiators you first need to define a host group containing the initiator’s WWN identifiers. Fibre channel host groups are identical to iSCSI host groups, except for the contents: iSCSI host groups contain IQNs and FC host groups contain WWNs.  This operation is done from the iSCSI & FC menu.

If a port is in initiator mode it can only be added as Remote initiator or if it is in target mode it can only be added as Local target.

The next step is to share a virtual disk. All operations are identical from this point forward to sharing a virtual disk using iSCSI.