SynetoOS integrates with VMware, thus virtual machines can be recovered from snapshots (taken starting from version 3.2.0).

On the left menu, select ‘Data management’ and then ‘Folder/Virtual disks’. Select the folder which stores the virtual machines you want to recover. Then select the Snapshot tab.

The folders which have virtual machines stored on them have a little icon to the left of their name. It is a black box with vm written in it as you can see in the image below.

Select the snapshot from which you want to recover the virtual machine(s). Click on the button on the left of the snapshot name. A menu will appear. Click on ‘Recover VMs’.


A menu will appear. There will be a list of the virtual machines that were in the folder at the time the snapshot was taken. Check the ones you wish to recover. Then, select on which host to put the copies of the virtual machines.


Click on ‘Recover’. The menu will disappear and a progress will be shown below the snapshot name you selected.


The virtual machines will appear on the ESX/vCenter, in the VM tab. They will have the same name, with ‘-restore’ added to their name and a unique id, like in the image below. The virtual machines are powered off.


If you want to remove the recovered virtual machines, follow these steps