On the left menu, select ‘Data management’ and then ‘Folder/Virtual disks’. Select a folder which has virtual machines. Then select the Snapshot tab.

The folders which have virtual machines stored on them have a little icon to the left of their name. It is a black box with vm written in it as you can see in the image below.

To the right of the title ‘Local snapshots’, there is a menu button. Click on it.


Select ‘Configure VM snapshots’. A menu with the virtual machines stored on the folder will appear.


There are three options for each virtual machine

  • Live snapshot – Disk writes are quiesced and the VM memory is stored on the drive. Slow.
  • Application consistent – Disk writes are quiesced but the VM memory is not stored on the drive. Fast.
  • Crash consistent – Equivalent with a hard reset. Fastest.

Select the options you want for the virtual machines. Then click ‘Save’.