The storage array can send notifications emails when different events happen. To configure notifications go to the Notifications page.


Notification emails will be sent when

  • faults occur
  • snapshot or replication fails
  • license expires or becomes invalid
  • new updates are available
  • network IP state changes
  • disk pool and folder usage is above defined limits



Before continuing to set up the email notification service, please add at least one email address to receive notifications. Adding your own email address will allow testing the sender service configuration.

To add a recipient click on the + button.

Fill the form with a valid email address then click add.

Don’t forget to check that emails can be sent.


Sender service

You can use a storage service to send email notifications if port 25 is not blocked by your firewall settings. To check if it works in your environment, after updating the configuration click Send test email and check your inbox.

Some email servers could mark these emails as spam, please also check your spam folder.

Alternatively, an SMTP server can be used to send notifications emails. In case you have an SMTP server please use this option.

In the example below Google’s SMTP server is used, which requires authentication to the server, reducing the chance of marking the email as spam. To check if email can be sent, after updating the configuration click Send test email and check your inbox.


Recommended thresholds

Keep disk pool space under 80% utilization to maintain pool performance. Currently, disk pool performance can degrade when it is very full. Full disk pools might cause a performance penalty, but no other issues.

Keep in mind that even with mostly static content in the 95-96% range, write, read, and resilvering performance might suffer.