Several functionalities of the Syneto Storage OS are available only with licenses. Storage arrays with a total raw data size of less than 1 TB don't need licenses. They run in demo mode and have all features enabled by default.

To order licenses, please contact your reseller, or write us an email at

Available licenses

  • Base - Allows the management of up to a maximum number of TB of storage space (allowed limit). When the used disk space grows beyond the allowed limit (by adding new disks or replacing existing disks with larger ones) the license becomes invalid, disabling the licensed features.
  • Maintenance - Grants access to software updates and the Syneto technical support. This license should be activated using the form available at The Maintenance license has a fixed duration (1 year, 2 years etc.)
  • Cache - Allows SSD cache disks to be used in disk pools.
  • Fibre channel - Use fibre channel connectivity. Manage Fibre channel ports.
  • Local Virtual Machines - Deploy and manage virtual machines. Deploy virtual machines from Syneto Marketplace and ISO.
  • Small business datacenter - Manage basic ESXs, view datastore and virtual machine details. Virtual machine consolidation.
  • Enterprise datacenter - Manage licensed vCenters/ESXs, view datastore and virtual machine details. Virtual machine consolidation.
  • High Availability - Create or join a high availability cluster.

Adding a license

In order to manage your licenses go to System > Licenses

To add a single license:

  • Click Add single license button
  • Upload file ... and select the license file
  • Click Add

To add multiple licenses:

  • Create an archive (zip, gzip or tar) containing all the licenses you wish to upload
  • Click Upload licenses archive button
  • Select an archive ... and select the archive containing the licenses
  • Click Upload

    You have more than one appliance you can add all licenses to a single zip file and add them as in point 2. You will receive a warning message that informs you how many licenses were added.