Preparing hardware and installing Syneto Storage

  1. Prepare hardware

    Before starting to install make sure the following hardware components are properly installed and connected:

    • Motherboard
    • CPU/Cooler
    • RAM Memory
    • Network interface cards
    • System disk(s)
  2. Next connect your installation media (DVD or USB). Booting from that media will start installing Syneto Storage Operating System and management interface.

  3. Select your keyboard layout
    install select keyboard
  4. Choose to "Install Syneto Storage OS" by pressing <enter>
    install choose to install
  5. Read the welcome message, then press F2 to start Syneto Storage OS Installation
    install welcome
  6. Choose to partition the disk with only one partition for Syneto Storage OS, then press F2
    install choose partition
  7. Select "Use the whole disk" with the up/down arrows, when done press F2
    install use whole disk
  8. Fill in the hostname you desire for your storage and press F2 to continue
    install set hostname
  9. Select timezone region. Press F2 to continue.
    install timezone region
  10. Select your country, the hit F2 to continue.
    install timezone country
  11. Confirm the timezone proposed. Or select sub-region if needed. Then press F2.
    install timezone confirm
  12. Set the Date and Time of your storage
    install date and time
  13. The installation will start. A progress will show how much it has been done.
    install progress
  14. When the installation is finished, press F8 to reboot, and remove your install media or choose harddisk boot on next boot.
    install finished

First setup of Syneto Storage OS

When Syneto Storage OS installs, it sets no IP address for any of the interfaces. You will need to use the IPMI or physical console to connect in Syneto Storage OS configuration interface and set up an IP address for one of the connected interfaces. Use the command below to configure the IP statically (see screenshot for example):

net ip edit <network_interface_name> address <ip_address>/<netmask>  

install config network

To set your IP address by DHCP use the following command:

net ip edit <network_interface_name> address dhcp

Once the IP address is set up, you can connect to the web configuration interface.

Point your browser to the acquired or configured IP address or the assigned domain name.