Applies to: SynetoOS 4.x

Syneto provides several services as part of their hybrid cloud offering: live assistance via support tunnel, software update, Serenity and RAS.

In order to access those services, the physical and virtual appliances need to be associated with Central, Syneto’s cloud platform.

Your Syneto product is already registered on Central, but you must create an account in order to access it.

This chapter describes how to activate and configure your product on Central

NOTE: login into Management UI is not possible without first registering your product on Syneto Central.

Creating Central account

In order to create a new account on Central, connect to Central website (

Click on "Sign up" and start your profile configuration.

 Fill in the form and press "Submit"

Your Central account is now ready and you can start activating your product.

Activating your product

To activate the product it is necessary to run the Quick Setup using the web interface of your assigned IP for the SynetoOS

Provide the username and password of your Central account.
If the product you are installing is a virtual appliance, you will need to also provide an activation key given to you together with the purchase invoice. 

Finish the Quick Setup process which will take you to the OS GUI after a quick reboot 

Find the newly installed machine in Central

After finishing the quick setup, when you log in to the Central account, the machine should be visible in your your dashboard.

It should also be visible in your inventory screen.