Applies to: Esxi 6.5 and above

Before taking actions, ensure the vSwitch have access to VLAN's through uplinks connected to the switch

How to Assign a VLAN to a port group 

Step 1: Access ESXi Web UI

Step 2: Open Port Groups tab find Add port group option

  • From Networking panel go to Port groups tab
  • Hit Add port group option

Step 3: Compile new Port group details

  • Under Name, introduce the name you've chosen for the new port group
  • Assign the VLAN ID of your interest to the port group 
  • Remember that the Virtual Switch selection is meant to be the one where the uplinks are configured on the Switch 

You can create many VLANs you need with the same procedure.

Step 3: Assign the new port group to virtual machines

  • Access Virtual machine panel
  • Select the VM of your interest and open Edit options

  • From the Edit Settings window go to Network Adapter menù and select the port group with the VLAN  of your interest