- Snapshot and replication: added button to copy replication key from the snapshot replication creation screen


    - High availability: don't start HA disk pool when none of the selected network interfaces have physical link

    - High availability: don't start HA disk pool when at least one IP is duplicate on the network

    - High availability: make HA disk pool start/stop operation much more resilient to system and network errors

    - Folders and virtual disks: remove some limitations when changing both quota and reservation for a folder

    - Update: display release notes in reverse order


    - Snapshot and replication: can't restore VM from snapshot if at least one ESX host is down

    - Snapshot and replication: false error message sent to user when VM consolidation is skipped

    - Snapshot and replication: non-encrypted incremental replication may fail in certain cases

    - Snapshot and replication: VM snapshot options wrong after update because of deleted virtual machines

    - Snapshot and replication: manual replication history and progress are not displaying some information

    - Snapshot and replication: editing a replication destination does not preselect previously used destination path

    - Snapshot and replication: avoid applying local retention policy if replication fails with some specific errors

    - Snapshot and replication: UI page may remain frozen after HA disk pool migration

    - Snapshot and replication: notification email is not sent when replication fails in some cases

    - High availability: manual replication fails when snapshot schedules are present

    - High availability: IP address duplication check may return false negatives or positives

    - Active directory: can't join active directory

    - Active directory: can't list users when joined to active directory

    - Folders and virtual disks: wrong folder may be edited when clicking "Edit" on a folder

    - Disk pools: pool export might show an error (false negative)

    - Networking: aggregates cannot be created or edited

    - Update: HA error when updating from 3.1 to 3.2.0 or 3.2.1 and having snapshot schedules