This procedure will require two reboots: the first one when we update from 2.x to 2.20, and the second one when we update from 2.20 to 3.0. Please note that this procedure does NOT require a fresh install.

Note: If you have an HA cluster, you will have to temporarily disable it. After each node is upgraded to 3.0 (instructions below), the cluster can be recreated.

Note: After the upgrade, you may need to reactivate the AFP shares (Sharing > Shares > AFP). This is only for AFP shares, no manual intervention is required for NFS and CIFS shares.

1.Update from 2.x to 2.20. This is done, as usual, as a normal update ( on web interface System -> Update). After the update is complete, reboot the machine.



 2. When the machine comes up it will have 2.20 version on it.  Now go to the web interface, System -> Upgrade to v3 and upgrade.  After the upgrade is ready do a reboot and enjoy the version 3 of Syneto Storage OS.