Applies to: SynetoOS 4.x

In case you need to convert a Replica Datastore to Original, follow steps below:

#1 Login to SynetoOS as "admin" over SSH or VMware display console using current password and type to Activate unsopported shell and get SuperUser privileges:

un sh
sudo su -

#2  List Datastores

zfs list


NAME                                                     USED  AVAIL  REFER  MOUNTPOINT

flash                                                       24.2G  13.6G  27.5K  /flash

flash/datastores                                    24.1G  13.6G  51.5K  /flash/datastores

flash/datastores/ISO                             6.31G  13.6G  6.31G  /flash/datastores/ISO

flash/datastores/TestWin16                  17.8G  13.6G  12.6G  /flash/datastores/TestWin16

flash/shares                                              48K  13.6G    24K  /flash/shares

flash/shares/smb                                      24K  13.6G    24K  /flash/shares/smb

hybrid                                                     11.2M  18.9G    26K  /hybrid

hybrid/backups/                                     194K  18.9G    24K  /hybrid/backups

hybrid/backups/LinuxVM                       194K  18.9G    24K  /hybrid/backups/LinuxVM

#3 Once you identify the replica datastore path to convert (eg. hybrid/backups/LinuxVM), view metadata with:

zfs-meta get hybrid/backups/LinuxVM 



    "dataType": "VMware Datastore",

    "name": "LinuxVM",

    "hosts": [],

    "createdOn": {

        "hostname": "syneto-os-1",

        "domain": "",

        "serialNumber": "VMware-42 3e 4a d3 ac e5 a5",

        "poolName": "flash"


    "description": "[2021-01-11 17:30:45] Datastore LinuxVM created.",

    "protectedVirtualMachines": []


#4 Copy the output text on a text editor in your PC and edit "serialNumber" value with the serial number of the original Syneto (SY21XXXXXX)

#5 On Syneto create a file named "newmeta" and paste the edited text 

vim newmeta
   [press "i"]
   [paste text]
   [press "ESC"]
   [type ":wq"]

#6 Swap metadata text with this command

cat newmeta | zfs-meta set hybrid/backups/LinuxVM