Applies to: Esxi 6.5 and above

Note: Be sure the vSwitch you will use have access to VLANs through uplinks connected to switch.

After login in the Vmware ESXi UI Dashboard, Access the Networking Menu.

Go in the "Port Groups" tab and click on the "Add port group" option.

Complete the fields to configure and click on the "Add" button

  • Name, a name to identify your VLAN
  • VLAN ID, the VLAN identification number
  • Virtual Switch, the one where the uplinks are connected to switch

You can create many VLANs you need with the same procedure.

Once you create the VLAN, you need to assign it as network adapter port group to each Single VM by selecting in Virtual Machine section the VM, and clicking "Edit"

On the Network Adapter you would assign the network VLAN chose the port group on the drop menu and click save