Syneto provides several services as part of their hybrid cloud offering: live assistance via support tunnel, software update, Serenity, RAS. In order to access those services, the physical and virtual appliances need to be registered with Central, Syneto’s cloud platform.

This document describes the steps required to activate a Syneto machine.

Create Central account

Go to and click the on [Sign up] button. In the subsequent form, fill in the details. This will create a Central account which will be used to manage all your company’s machines.

Run Quick Setup on the Hyper appliance

The first thing to do with any newly installed Hyper appliance is to run the the Quick Setup using the web interface.

One of the steps asks for your Central credentials. Provide the username and password of your Central account. If the product you are installing is a virtual appliance, you will need to also provide an activation key given to you together with the purchase. Finish the Quick Setup process.

Find the newly installed machine in Central

After finishing the quick setup, if you log in to the Central account, the machine should be visible in your your dashboard.

It should also be visible in your inventory screen.