- new quick setup checks for virtual appliance deployments 

  - added confirmation message when enabling remote support

  - decreased timeout for login and virtual machine console 

  - increased speed of web request (gzip the returned web pages) 

  - clicking on `View` action on a datastore will take you to the virtual machine page 

  - increased timeout for long actions from 1 min to 2 min

  - deployment of Syneto Services virtual machine takes into account all DNS entries


  - successful revert process sometimes erroneously reported as failed

  - starting migration process for the second time hangs the UI, refresh is needed

  - cannot unlink from Central

  - mounting a datastore to ESXi sometimes fails (mount is attempted before NFS share creation)

  - some snapshot schedules may not start after reboot 

  - timeout & false positives when joining Active Directory

  - restart after quick setup sometimes takes a lot of time

  - maintenance refresh not showing notification

Does not require reboot.