- Migrate VMs to HYPERSeries from existing vSphere environments (ESXi and vCenter Server)

  - Added option to exclude time intervals from snapshot schedules

  - Generate support bundle from the SynetoOS Web UI (Help page)


  - Faster UI experience due to new Single-Page App architecture

  - Redesigned UI when doing shut down and restart

  - Added option to delete snapshot in the Virtual Machines page

  - See maintenance plan details  (Help page and Quick Setup)

  - Moved Analytics page to the Settings menu

  - Moved About this system page to the Settings menu

  - Quick Setup warns users if the default ESXi password was changed

  - User console for checking status of File Recovery VM

  - Better logging for file recovery tasks

  - Various UI improvements

  - Added incremental update mechanism for File Recovery VM

  - Increased file recovery maximum size to 10GB


  - Drive details are recorded and displayed even after a drive has failed

  - Old backup progress files are deleted from the system

  - Residual .json file is sometimes stored on SMB shares

  - Remote support tunnel is automatically restored when it goes down

  - When machine is unlinked from Central, the remote support tunnel is disabled

  - Reduce time to browse files while file recovery is in progress

  - Rescanning datastores/shares/volumes refreshes snapshots information

  - Granular file recovery doesn't crash anymore with large file sizes

Does not require reboot.

To learn more about the new features, please download the manual from your Central account.