Applies to: All versions

If you open the chassis this event is acknowledged by a warning in IPMI event, ESXi hardware sensors and SynetoOS notification.

Also, please check if the door of the unit is well closed and after doing so, kindly check the front and the back of the unit and take a look at the LEDs unit. They must all be green. 

We must make sure that there are no other warnings besides those already known.

You can receive a notification message on ESXi console that could look like this:

The same warning at SynetoOS level could look like this:

Please go to IPMI and verify The Event Logs from it to also check the errors reported there.

We want to make sure this error is still present.

Please see IPMI guide manual for further details and follow the steps bellow in order to proceed with this checks:


Clear the Event Logs and Reset the intrusion alert from IPMI and let us know if after doing so, the alert regarding the chassis is still present.