Production Priority 1 situations as defined by the Syneto Customer Support Guide (*see reference “Quick Support Guide):

P1 Case Emergency – System is not available and productivity has been halted. The product is unusable in its current state.

  • The system is not available and requires immediate attention 
  • Productivity has been halted, the product is unusable in the current state

Before opening a case, have your in-house support staff verify the following points to ensure that your issue is appropriate for Syneto Customer P1 support:

  • Network communications to the system have been validated
  • Hardware has been eliminated as a possible failure point
  • Recent changes have been thoroughly reviewed such as operating system, changes to security, etc.

Reporting a Priority 1 issue:

  • Log into the Syneto Customer Portal . To ensure prompt service for a Priority 1 case, you will have to choose the P1 field, select a Supporto Number and after opening the new ticket call Syneto Support Phone Number selected.
  • Call designated Support Number (available in to escalate. This dedicated number has been received according to your active support plan.
  • A new ticket will be automatically created after the call ended or during the call. You will receive via email your P1 case number.
  • Include specific detailed information in the case to help resolve your issue faster, i.e. error code messages, log files, screenshots, etc.
  • The P1 Support number can be reached via your Central account received according to your active support plan
  • After your P1 Case has been successfully created a TSA will be assigned and will start working on your case request 

Provide the following information when opening your case:

  • If a case was not previously created in Syneto Helpdesk Support, please provide the Serial Number of the Syneto Appliance and a brief description of the issue
  • Your name, call back number and email address
  • Your company name
  • The Priority 1 case number (if applicable)
  • Provide specific information to your issue to assist the customer support agent in resolving the issue, i.e. error code messages, log files, screenshots, etc.

Note: Opening a case and priority classifications

  • It is very important to correctly classify a case.
  • Every issue should NOT be opened or reported as Priority 1.
  • Please correctly classify your case to assure proper assistance.
  • If you don't call Syneto Customer Support - P1 Support Number and you are encountering a P1 situation you will not receive Support according to your emergency and your case will be handle Next Business Day