Syneto Customer Support's resolution of a case means bringing back the system to the state previous to the failure. This does not mean that resolution guarantees the issue never re-occurring again. To prevent an issue from occurring again, Syneto needs to do a root cause analysis that will provide guidelines and further actions.

Besides solving the customer's issue, Syneto also performs "root cause" analysis upon customer's request. The "root cause" analysis service is a separate service from technical support, and can be requested for P1 (Emergency) incidents. Se details about "root cause" analysis availability on your specific support plan.

Finding root cause.

Finding the root cause of an issue is typically a time consuming operation that almost always requires engineering and product teams involvement. For this reason it is performed only when special conditions are met:

  1. The issue is a P1 issue (Emergency, system unavailable)
  2. The customer specifically requests a root cause analysis
  3. The customer is entitled to request a root cause analysis

The target of a root cause analysis is to identify what has caused the issue and what can be done to prevent the issue from happening again in the future.

It is important to understand that a root cause is not guaranteed to be found. Sometimes there will be not enough information available after an incident to allow for proper root cause analysis. This means that the customer should provide total collaboration in order to increase the chances of a successful analysis.


Here are some guidelines to follow from opening the issue to closing the issue that ensure a greater success for a root cause analysis:

  1. Before attempting any remediation (reboot/reset, restart services, reconfigure appliance) of Syneto Hyper appliances, ensure that you have contacted Syneto and decided on a proper course of action. Syneto Support is available 24x7 over the phone and will triage and escalate your P1 issue in the shortest possible time. Failure to do so might greatly impede a later root cause analysis request.
  2. Always have available remote access information for your systems: IPMI, SynetoOS and hypervisor IP addresses, network diagrams including all hosts and networking equipment interacting with Syneto Hyper appliance.
  3. Always be ready to respond to any questions related to the issue, either during technical support intervention to solve, and during the root cause analysis after the incident.
  4. Take notes of incident timeline. This will greatly reduce the root cause investigation time.

The outcome of a root cause analysis is a document describing the issue's cause and proposed steps to prevent the issue from happening and will be provided by Syneto between one and three weeks.