After identifying the type of issue you are encountering, you will receive a response according to the Syneto Response time policy.


  • You are encountering an Emergency issue, which means that the system is not available and productivity has been halted. 

  • The product is unusable in its current state.

  • P1 cases must be submitted by Phone


  • You are encountering a Critical issue, which means that the System is available, but experiencing issues that have a direct impact on productivity.

  • Major inconvenience.


  • You are encountering a Normal issue, which means that the System is having an occasional issue that has been identified as needing to be resolved, but the issue has not greatly affected productivity.

  • Minor inconvenience.


  • You are encountering a Low-priority issue, which means you have questions about documentation, processes, or procedures. 

  • General information requests.

Please also see the article regarding How do I Escalate a case? if you think you are in this situation.