Because the machine is blocking/freeze without displaying an error message or other messages, it is difficult to determine exactly .the reason for this behaviour. They suggested this article as the next step:

From that article, we have been informed that if ESXi is blocking again, intentionally activated NMI must be executed.

To be able to do this, you need to have IPMI Tools prepared on Window or Linux. You can download the IPMI tools here :

and the following command must be triggered from the command line:

IPMI command – ipmitool -I lan -H <RemoteServerBMCAddress> -U <Username> ipmi power diag


ipmitool -I lan -H -U ADMIN ADMIN ipmi power diag

After executing the command you should see a PSOD on the IPMI console similar to this:


Please let us know if you need to install IPMI TOOLS on a Windows machine (not running on Syneto).