- Take app-consistent snapshots using scripts/hooks

  - Different VM consistency for minutely, hourly, daily and weekly schedules

  - Increase replication speed by compressing replicated data

  - Detailed log for every snapshot, including replication details

  - Re-authorize replication targets (following machine reinstall)

  - Pause and resume integrity checking

  - Shut down and reboot local hypervisor

  - Support for a new line of 12-bay expansion shelves (JBODs)

  - Automatic drive detection and pool expansion when expansion shelf is attached

  - Allow the user to specify workload type for a datastore

# To learn more about the new features, please download the manual from your Central account


  - More granular snapshot schedule management UI

  - Progress information while taking a snapshot and replicating

  - Make some system faults more understandable

  - Report VMware tools status on VM details page

  - Several workflow and visual improvements

  - Management UI significantly faster


  - UI hangs when scheduled replication target changed IP or was reinstalled

  - Some replication metadata is missing after replication target is reinstalled

  - Replication pause/resume issues

  - First Volume replication fails

  - UI error on Protect and Replicate page when a pool is unavailable

  - VM snapshots are not shown on the UI if the local hypervisor is part of a vCenter

  - VM remote console not working if the local hypervisor is part of a vCenter

  - Cannot browse VM snapshots when there are invalid VMs on the hypervisor

  - Drive mapping for OS drives are not shown on HYPER 3000 series