Applies to: All versions

Remote support service can be transitioned to maintenance if the connection with our support server was closed during a reboot or internet connectivity was lost on an appliance.

Affected component
svc:///system/remote-support:default faulted and taken out of service

#1 Restart Remote Access from web UI

To acknowledge this warning you need to Enable/Disable remote support from Help menu.

 See how to enable remote support

#2 Restart Remote Access from CLI on SynetoOS 4.x

Login as "admin" over SSH or VMware display console using current password and type on restricted shell:

support disable
support enable

or from shell as "admin" or "root" type:

config sup disable
config sup enable

#3 Clear broken key in known_host file

To empty the known_hosts file type:

config sup disable
echo "" > /var/storage/support/.ssh/known_hosts
config sup enable

Note: This service that failed only manage the administrative connection from Syneto Support Server to SynetoOS. Only impact of this service is that as long is in maintenance or disabled a technical support agent can not connect to the appliance.