Applies to: All versions

Every product has an attached support service, which entitles it to software updates and remote technical support. This support service is managed using an online portal called Syneto Central.

When you try to log in for the first time on the management VM, a Central account activation screen will appear. This chapter shows you how to activate your product.

welcome to hyper with fields syn0001.png

NOTE: Log in to the management UI is not possible without registering the product to Syneto Central first.

Upon receiving your Syneto HYPER, it will already be registered with Central, but in order to work on it you must create a Central account. 


In order to create a Central account, you must follow the link to the Central Portal ( . 

On the page that opens, go to Don’t have an account →  Sign up. A form will open, where you have to configure your profile.

central authentication with completed fields.png

Type in the email address of the person who will be using the product and choose a password. Also insert a backup email address. Complete the name and phone number for the person in charge with this account, but also complete the information fields for your company.

WARNING: Please make sure that you completed all fields correctly. Failure to do so might prevent you from obtaining full support on your product.

After all the required fields are completed, press Sign up. Your Central account is now ready. You can start activating your products.

After you start activating products, they will all show up on the page with information about their Name, Support type, Expiration date, Hardware ID and Model .

After creating the account, enter its email address and password and click Activate.

After the product is successfully activated, you will be able to log in to the management interface. If the activation fails, it’s likely that HYPER can’t connect to the Central online service. Please make sure that a valid DNS and gateway are configured, and that there are no firewall rules blocking the access to on port 443.